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3 Reasons Dogs Lick Their Paws

3 Reasons Dogs Lick Their Paws

A lot of dog owners notice their dog constantly licking their feet and paws. This is a sign that may not be taken seriously, especially if it's just the occasional lick. However, there are times when they may lick so much that their paws become sore and bloody. When...

5 Signs Your Pet Has Allergies

5 Signs Your Pet Has Allergies

Did you know that pets are just as susceptible to allergies as humans are? Just like humans, they do not always show symptoms of having allergies. However, if you observe your pet through these 5 signs, you can tell if they have allergies: #1: Chronic itchiness...

Does My Pet Need Insurance?

Does My Pet Need Insurance?

If your pet requires emergency surgery or develops a life-threatening illness, treatment can come with a hefty price tag. If you are unsure whether you should get pet insurance for your furry friend, here are three benefits to consider.   #1: Pet health insurance...

5 Signs of Seasonal Allergies in Pets

Debunking Myths About Heartworm

In honor of National Heartworm Awareness Month, our team is debunking common heartworm myths, to help pet owners understand the importance of year-round prevention. Here's what you need to know.   Myth: Only dogs get heartworms Truth: Heartworms can infect any...

Help! My Pet Ate a Poison

Help! My Pet Ate a Poison

It can be a very scary experience if your furry companion gets their paws on something that is toxic for them. First, don’t panic, and then follow our team's step-by-step instructions to help your pet get the help they need.   Step 1: Find the potential toxin’s...

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